Albuquerque, New Mexico

albuquerque-nightThe city Albuquerque is typically recognized for its International Balloon Carnival, which is generally scheduled in the first two weeks in October month each year.  If you plan your family trip here at some other month of the year, there’s still a wide diversity of things to do and have quality time with your loved ones.  The city offers you to take a ride on the longest Tramway of the world to the top of Sandia Peak which is a must visit destination.

Get a visit to know the famous Unser family by exploring their racing museum present in the city. Have a look of Indy 500 trophies and some of the cars that aided them get through the finish line and win those precious trophies. The city also has the Albuquerque Bio Park and you can also visit the neighbouring Old Town, where the city started and the place is worth a stop.

The city Albuquerque is established at the base of the famous Sandia Mountains. These beautiful landscape act as a crucial graphic which continuously tells you where east direction is.  The complete city is constructed on a slant that expanses toward the desert bottom area with the volcanos being observable on the distance. Sandia generally means watermelon in Spanish and the best city pastime is watching the changing weather at the top.

The City inhabitants are dedicated to their Chile peppers and their love for it can be seen here. An enquiry was submitted by restaurant attendants to decide the fondness of Chile sauce and the Official State Question chosen by the State representatives was Red or Green? If you visit the city then everything ranging from cheeseburgers to even basic food will be served with Chile sauce, to which the residents just call Chile.

The arrival of fall attracts balloon fanatics from around the world to attend the famous Balloon Fiesta hosted by this amazing city. If you visit any other time you can see the balloonists practicing this adventures sport round the year.   It is not at all astonishing to see a dozen balloons high up on any given morning you wake up here.   If you would visit the city then you would find rare air currents in Albuquerque in which balloonists can fly and return to nearby their starting location.  

The city also hosts a world class balloon museum for all the balloon fanatics and is a must visit place for them. It is just head-to-head to the stunning Balloon Carnival playgrounds.   The museum is open round the year and the place is full of amazements and made for people of all ages.   While you are still in the town and shopping from place to place, you will come across lots of balloon themed goods and gift items.  To conclude we can say this beautiful city of Albuquerque is renowned around the world as a destination for balloonists and should be visited at least once.

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