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Asset Tracking Software


Hire Experienced Asset Tracking Software Developers

Our expert developers have many years of combined experience in the supply chain industry and developing shipping & logistics, warehouse management, freighting & shipping, freight broker, and order processing software solutions to simplify asset tracking workflows throughout the transportation of goods from start to finish.

Asset Performance Management

We develop systems equipped with data capture abilities, visualizations, and analytics to provide condition monitoring and predictive forecasting so that critical assets can be thoroughly monitored and equipment failures can be anticipated before they occur.

Computerized Maintenance Management

We develop Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) software to minimize downtime and enhance asset performance by managing work orders, tracking & scheduling preventative maintenance, managing service requests, and more.

Enterprise Asset Management

We develop Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software to assist with condition-based maintenance by measuring asset utilization rates, recording inspection data, and logging vibration data regularly to determine when an asset is reaching its failure point.

Integrated Workplace Management

Our developers program comprehensive platforms that make it easy to monitor where each desk, printer, conference room monitor, or any other office asset is located within a specific floor plan, track maintenance history, create relocation tickets, and manage service requests.

Mobile Asset Management

We build native (iOS and Android) and cross-platform mobile apps with GPS-powered asset tracking maps, camera scanners, and full database functionality, equipped with notification systems for alerting users of when assets have been relocated without proper permissions.

Fixed Asset Tracking Software

We develop customized fixed asset tracking software equipped with interactive maps, customizable fields, asset directories, photo tagging capabilities, reporting tools, third-party integrations, and more using leading data systems like Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.

AI-Powered Asset Tracking Software Solutions

Our AI-enabled asset-tracking solutions redefine asset management by providing real-time tracking, optimizing efficiency, and enhancing security through AI anomaly detection. Our advanced reporting and analytics features ensure valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Real-Time Tracking and
Location with AI

Our team can develop AI algorithms to power computer vision that analyzes images or video feeds in real-time to identify and track assets within a facility or operational environment. It is valuable in scenarios where immediate tracking and identification of assets are crucial, such as manufacturing plants or warehouses. We can integrate RFID tags, GPS data, and various sensors, allowing for real-time asset tracking.

Enhanced Operational
Efficiency with AI

Our AI-driven predictive analytics analyze historical data and usage patterns to forecast when assets will likely require maintenance. This approach helps organizations schedule maintenance activities more efficiently, reducing downtime and extending the overall lifespan of assets. Our AI algorithms optimize transportation routes by considering traffic conditions, weather, and historical data.

Security and Anomaly Detection
Enhanced by AI

Our Machine Learning models are trained to recognize normal patterns of asset behavior. When deviations or anomalies occur, the system automatically raises alerts or triggers predefined actions. Identifying potential security threats, misuse, or irregularities in asset operations is crucial. We can integrate Blockchain technology into asset tracking to ensure secure and tamper-proof recording of asset transactions.

AI-Powered NLP Enhances
User Interaction

We leverage Natural Language Processing technology to enable users to interact with the asset tracking system. Voice or text-based queries are powered with NLP, enhancing accessibility and usability and allowing non-technical users to obtain information and insights from the system. Text mining with AI in asset management aids in analyzing interpreted data to uncover patterns, sentiments, and key information that contributes to informed decisions.

Improved Reporting and
Analytics with AI

Our AI-driven analytics generate insights and reports based on the data collected by the asset tracking system. Automated reporting with AI empowers stakeholders with valuable information about asset utilization, performance, and overall efficiency, supporting informed decision-making and strategic planning. Machine Learning for market forecasting utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze historical market data, identify patterns, and develop predictive models.

Enhanced Portfolio
Optimization with AI

Our team develops AI for portfolio organization and algorithmic trading that optimizes portfolios by allocating assets based on market data and trends. Machine learning models assess and mitigate risks, while algorithmic trading strategies automatically execute trades, leveraging AI-driven insights into market trends. The continuous monitoring and adaptation of portfolios to real-time conditions and the integration of external data sources enhance decision-making.

Custom Asset Tracking Solutions

Our asset tracking experts develop custom solutions for the tracking and management of assets such as heavy equipment, tools, vehicles, and technology with features to effectively monitor assets throughout your entire organization and supply chain.

IT Asset Tracking Solutions

Our solutions help manage software and hardware components of IT assets with barcodes, perform system-wide audits, track assets that have been issued, and centralize asset visibility.

Facility Management Solutions

We develop solutions that optimize record-keeping and ensure all assets are accounted for by allowing you to manage all similar assets with a singular barcode number.

Funding Management Solutions

Our custom solutions can manage awarded funds and assets purchased with them, disperse them accordingly, and maintain full compliance on funds issued to your organization.

Equipment Tracking Solutions

We create custom web-based solutions that allow any user within your organization to track equipment location, stage of repair, and chain of custody throughout its lifecycle.

Tool Tracking Solutions

Our solutions provide barcode scanning and RFID capabilities to efficiently track tools from their point of issue to their return as well as simplify procedures for access and transfer.

IT Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions

We provide solutions for making informed purchasing decisions with various reports and dashboards that show you exactly where assets are in their respective lifecycles.

Custom Features

Our experts engineer asset tracking software designed to track and monitor all supply chain assets and inventory items as they move throughout the supply chain process in real-time, enabling SCM professionals to keep a watchful eye on your asset journey from start to finish.

RFID Scanning

We implement RFID scanning capabilities to ensure that assets such as raw materials, products, and employees are trackable and easy to manage, with short and long-range scanners that provide real-time data and full visibility that is accurate down to the minute.

QR Barcode Scanning

We program barcode scanning software for government facilities, warehouse settings, healthcare centers, and more that allow you to add asset tags, perform quick audits, and update information in real-time within a centralized database.

GPS Asset Tracking

We engineer GPS-based asset tracking software to monitor asset location in real-time using geolocation as well as implement geofencing and RBAC modules for IoT devices. We integrate with external sensors to monitor additional variables like temperature and motion.

Automated Inventory Notifications

We program features to help you plan ahead, reduce downtime, and remain up-to-date regarding inventory management, sending clear automated alerts sent straight to any device whenever inventory is low or an asset is in need of maintenance/repairs.

Information & History Access

We develop features to enable remote access to asset information and history at any time and ensure that all assets are stamped with the proper date, time, and user throughout the entire supply chain whenever changes in custody, quality, or location occur.

Reports & Analytics

Our custom features include detailed reports presented in user-friendly dashboards regarding the location, state of repair, and the stage of its lifecycle throughout each step of the supply chain to ensure every asset safely arrives at its intended destination.


We ensure that our systems are within full compliance with all state and federal laws mandating fixed assets throughout the asset tracking lifecycle, including FASB lease accounting standards, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and other compliance standards to achieve AIB certification.

EDI Integration For Asset Tracking

Our expert developers deliver EDI solutions to seamlessly coordinate an asset’s route and transactions throughout the entire supply chain.

Custom EDI Solutions

Our expert team of Asset Tracking Software Developers engineer custom web-based, on-premise, and hybrid systems to enable reliable EDI software communications that conform to prominent standards and adhere to federal and state regulations.

EDI Development

Our expert EDI developers have extensive experience with developing all types of EDI methodologies, including Direct EDI/Point-to-Point, EDI via VAN, Web EDI, Mobile EDI, EDI via AS2, EDI Outsourcing, and many more for the shipping & logistics industry.

EDI Translations

We translate your existing EDI to adhere to ANSI ASC, EDIFACT, JSON, TRADACOMS, or ebXML standards to effectively communicate common codes including EDI 850, EDI 855, EDI 856, EDI 210, EDI 180, EDI 862, EDI 868, EDI 107, EDI 219, and EDI 250.

Digital EDI Filing & Storage

Our EDI solutions ensure that all information regarding asset and supply chain transactions, relocations, maintenance, purchases, and repairs are securely stored with features to govern access like Role-Based User Controls (RBAC) and multi-factor authentication.

Asset Tracking Software Support Services

Asset tracking software is crucial for organizations as it optimizes asset utilization, reduces costs, enhances efficiency, mitigates risks, and provides supply chain visibility. We are committed to ensuring that your asset tracking system runs optimally for improved functionality.

Comprehensive Application Support

Our technical application support for Asset management software supports by assisting organizations through implementation and integration, also providing training and consulting, and resolving technical issues. Our support services ensure the software's optimal usability continuous improvement by facilitating updates, addressing data integrity, optimizing performance, and integrating the application with other systems.

Responsive 24/7 Help Desk

We provide responsive 24/7 help desk support powered by our advanced ticketing system. Our team of experts provide around-the-clock asset tracking, RFID and GPS tracking software support, assisting addressing inquiries promptly. Our support system includes streamlined issue tracking and resolution, minimizing downtime.

Extended Support & Maintenance

Extended support for the long-term reliability of asset-tracking software is important to ensure sustained performance and security. Our support extended support services go beyond standard maintenance, offering continuous security updates and technology upgrades. Our extended support enhances the software's resilience against emerging threats and aligns it with the latest technological advancements.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our rigorous quality assurance and testing processes ensure reliability and performance for your asset tracking software solutions. Through our cutting-edge tools and meticulous protocols, we ensure the highest standards of quality and we undergo continuous improvement through regular performance assessments.

Custom Asset Tracking Integrations

Chetu’s experts custom-develop and provide seamless integrations with leading third-party asset tracking, monitoring, and management to streamline maintenance, reduce costs, and prevent loss.


We integrate with Fiix to provide cloud-based and AI-powered asset management that easily connects to business systems and helps you make data-driven decisions.

Asset Panda

Integrations with Asset Panda create powerful cloud-based and mobile app asset tracking solutions configured to be compatible with mobile devices carried by your employees.


We provide seamless integrations with UpKeep to create modern solutions that work with your team’s desktops, phones, or tablets for easy remote access at any time.


We integrate your business systems with EZOfficeInventory to deliver cost-effective, cloud-based solutions with intuitive interfaces that support remote team collaboration.


Integrating with Quickbase ensures that assets are efficiently accounted for with granular tracking and optimized communication within a connected organization.


Our developers seamlessly integrate with ShareMyToolbox to simplify tool and equipment tracking within construction organizations with a focus on-field personnel.

A Definitive FAQ Guide: Asset Tracking Software

Specific requirements vary based on scale, functionalities, and client requirements, but our asset-tracking software solutions are compatible with standard operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

To configure user roles and permissions, access the admin panel and navigate to user management settings. You can create distinct roles and assign permissions based on role requirements.

You should ensure that the asset tags are correctly affixed to undamaged assets. Verify the functionality of your scanning equipment, such as barcode scanners or RFID readers. Confirm that the asset tags are compatible with the technology utilized by the software.

Our team can import asset-tracking data into your software. To import data, we access the import functionality within the software, typically found in settings. Once in the import section, we map the columns in your data file to the corresponding fields in the software.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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