What are the best beaches to see in Chile?

bahia-inglesia-chile-rocks-750x500Chile is very popular for its beaches and you can find the best one with help of the list given below.Just look at the following list consisted of details of famous beaches, which you must see.

Zapallar is very attractive beach having the fantastic scenery around it . This is one of the places which were suggested by my family dentist in new braunfels. The beauty is increased by the shiny white sand. You must visit here if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

 In addition to it, if you are interested in water activities and you want to take sunbath, then Algarrobo beach is just for you. It is very popular for its aquatic sports and clear water with great calmness making it fit for swimming and other water activities. You will also see here penguins waddling nearby as well as scuba diving.

Furthermore, Renaca is a beach,which is perfect for those people who are interested only in spending time in party on the shores instead of going into the water.Well,if you are such kind of person,then this beautiful beach has much more for you such as stalls of the cheapest things as a part of fun.                                      

Arica, located in the northern region of Chile is the one of the best beaches for the people who are fond of enjoying the warm weather and the activities like surfing and water sports. 

Vina del Mar is the most famous resort destination found in Chile having the seafood restaurants and shops but here water is too cold to swim in. So, you can enjoy the best seafood here.

Bahia Inglesa is a very different kind of beach for its feature that it has a dusty Atacama region instead of forest.   Well, this list is enough for you to get information about the best beaches found in Chile,if you are interested in visiting them.

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