Why does every Park in New Braunfels provide a full recreation?

cbe7d8e214a5bfadabef0d81d5fe9af1The “Fun Things In Life” are very important for sake of healthy body and brain. The staff present at New Braunfels parks are always busy to improve the entertainment and fun for the people who visit these parks and get enjoyed there parks play very vital role for communities as well as for environment, as they are very important to protect the environment from pollution and give a pleasant feeling and fresh air to breathe.

They also have effect on the health of human being, they promote social relations and they also important role in economic development.Now, we are going to have a look at the parks present in New Braunfels in our discussion.

We were traveling together where my friend at Who works at Roofing in Miami told me that Land Park is very beautiful park which offers a very attractive picnic point, and people can enjoy having picnic beneath the shade of tall, old oak Trees, which are abundant in this park creating a pleasant feel and decent look. People enjoy there by walking, Jogging and also riding a miniature train.

Fischer Park, which is the largest park in New Braunfels specially has two fishing ponds and a variety of amenities for exploration. It has two miles green way trails with fresh air and full of nature to enjoy the beauty of nature. It also offers facilities of picnic over there. Landa Park and Fisher Park are regional parks.

Cypress Bend Park, is a community park, covering an area of 15 acres having amenities as it has swings, picnic tables, benches and a building for reset room, open spaced play area etc for full joy and recreation.

Prince Solms Park is also a community park covering an area of 19.1 acres having parking, basketball and tennis courts, benches and drinking fountains. And, the neighbourhood parks are as described under.

Haymarket Park, covering the area of 2.2 acres is very good place for for playing games or a family picnic. It’s playground was totally renovated in 2005 and it also has a fun place for ribs.

Ernest Eikel Field and jaw skate Park has covered an area of 4.1 acres. Here, you can enjoy your sports and our skills can be developed in professionally designed skateboard park in New Braunfels. It is also a good picnic point.

Another neighbourhood park is Jesse Garcia Park, covering the area of 1 acre, having playscape, benches, picnic tables, pavilions and half basketball courts.

Kraft park, is also a neighbourhood park, covering an area of 9 acres. It’s walking path is .29 miles/lap; approximately 3.5 laps =1 mile.

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