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With over 23 years of CRM development experience and as Certified Salesforce® Partners, Chetu provides world-class programming, customization, configuration, migration, integration, implementation, administration support, and many other Salesforce® services.

Salesforce® Integration

We leverage the Salesforce® platform API to integrate with your existing mobile application and internal databases, connecting you to all accounting, ERP, social media, e-commerce, and virtually any on-premise systems, cloud based software products, or third-party platforms.

Salesforce® Consulting

As Certified Salesforce® Partners, Chetu provides consulting services focuses on driving customer success across various industries. Our approach ensures that businesses in retail, IT, finance, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and more not only benefit from using the Salesforce® platform but also achieve significant improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our expertise lies in aligning Salesforce solutions with your unique business needs to create exceptional customer experiences and foster long-term success.

Salesforce® Programming

Our Salesforce® developers use the Apex programming language with Java-like syntax, along with the Visualforce markup language, Salesforce® extensions for Visual Studio Code, Source Code Editor in the Developer Console workspace, and other programming tools.

Salesforce® Implementation

Chetu’s Salesforce® implementation services consist of configuring your custom-tailored Salesforce® solutions using Apex™ code, which allows us to perform custom actions to your platform, including Salesforce® platform updates, insertions, deletions, etc.

Salesforce® Customization & Configuration

Chetu offers configurations & modifications of your Salesforce® solution’s UI, business logic, and data model using point-and-click tools, as well as customization services for companies with large amounts of data, complex business logic, and external system integrations.

Salesforce® Custom App Development

Specializing in Salesforce app development, our team harnesses years of expertise with Apex, VisualForce®, SOQL, REST/SOAP, Lightning Web Components, and JavaScript Frameworks on a robust development platform. We excel in custom application development to create apps that are not only innovative but also perfectly aligned with your business processes. Our proficiency in using advanced tools like ProcessBuilder and Triggers enables us to develop high-quality Salesforce apps that enhance your CRM capabilities and drive business growth, ready for deployment on the AppExchange.

Salesforce Support Services

Chetu’s support services team provides end-to-end monitoring, troubleshooting, and timely upgrades to ensure your customized Salesforce resources function optimally.

Integration Support

Chetu’s integration experts seamlessly incorporate Salesforce to augment personnel with streamlined workflow, enabling the creation of customized campaigns designed to generate revenue, create advanced analytics-based reports, automate tasks, and facilitate exceptional customer relationships and support.

Training and Education Services

Chetu designs and implements intuitive chatbots and dashboards to successfully train all end-users and facilitate engagement with robust, customized Salesforce resources augmenting personnel. Our Salesforce experts offer continuous support and guidance to create streamlined workflows and automate tasks.

Data Migration Services

Our data migration experts carefully monitor data quality and design strategies to seamlessly migrate your critical data to your requested platforms, ensuring no workflow disruption or compromised data security.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support

Chetu’s Cloud support specialists not only continuously monitor performance but proactively address any network threats, provide end-to-end maintenance, monitoring, and updating of all Salesforce resources and Cloud-based applications.

CRM support

Chetu’s marketing experts continue enhancing CRMs to create intuitive resources that automate processes, deploy lead-scoring programs, and leverage Artificial Intelligence to modernize CRM performance. Our support team offers end-to-end monitoring of all customized CRM programs.

On-demand Support Services

Chetu’s development and support teams are on-demand to provide exceptional customer service, system monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades to create new strategies to exceed your business demands. Our on-demand support services extend beyond your project’s lifecycle.

Salesforce Customization Support

Chetu leverages Artificial Intelligence to fully optimize Salesforce to automate tasks, launch intuitive campaigns, and accurately complete lead scoring to identify the most profitable sales leads to generate consistent revenue. With our support team offer end-to-end support, we’ll make your processes that much easier.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

We needed to integrate financial custodian’s APIs into our Salesforce org, including single sign-on capabilities. We also did a project related to our integration of DocuSign and saving completed documents into our instance of Box. Their team was able to figure out what was needed to meet our requirements. We thank them for their work.

Director of Operations, Finance Solutions

Chetu is a force multiplier. They accomplished my task on budget and on schedule. It has been a great asset to our team and has helped us get out our best practices and hold our PMs accountable.

Vice President, Construction Industry

Salesforce® Cloud Integrations

Our Salesforce® Cloud integration experts leverage Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and other Salesforce® products to help businesses support their sales, service, and marketing efforts more effectively.

Salesforce® Service Cloud

When integrating Salesforce® Service Cloud, users also receive Salesforce® Service Analytics, powered by Salesforce® Einstein, to allow sales managers to automate workflows and approvals while providing insights into department/sales agent performance.

Salesforce® Sales Cloud

By integrating Salesforce® Sales Cloud tools, such as Process Builder, Sales Cloud Einstein, Lightning Voice, and other tools, we can help Salesforce® users to automate workflows, gain advanced analytics of historical pipeline information, and so much more.

Salesforce® Marketing Cloud

Chetu developers integrate Salesforce® Marketing Cloud and all of its set of tools intended to cover all marketing needs, including Journey Builder, Pardot, Datorama, Email Studio, Social Studio, Audience Studio, Data Studio, Mobile Studio, and so much more.

Salesforce® Development Services

Chetu’s experienced and dedicated team of Salesforce® development experts will help you get the most out of your Salesforce® CRM solution to maximize sales and improve customer service initiatives.

Salesforce® Installation

Our Salesforce® installation experts are well-versed in Salesforce® software development, integration, implementation, and optimization to deliver high-quality & fully functioning Salesforce® CRM solutions that drive businesses forward.

Salesforce® Migration

We’ll migrate your Salesforce® data to any platform seamlessly, along with providing additional data migration, data back-up & recovery, and more, enabling you to view essential business information from one centralized platform.

Salesforce® Administration & Support

Our Salesforce® experts specialize in providing ongoing Salesforce® platform support and maintenance, addressing all issues including fixing bugs, troubleshooting, monitoring, data administration, system administration, and other additional support.

Salesforce® Upgrades

We always stay on top of the latest Salesforce® updates and operating software upgrades, helping you expand your Salesforce® CRM functionality by upgrading your existing platform to a newer, fresher Salesforce® platform with improved functionality.

Block of Hours Support Services

Chetu’s Block of Hours program is a cost-effective alternative to our standard flat-rate support offered to new, current, and past customers. Our Salesforce® developers are quick to relate and bring added value through our customization, integration, migration, and support services.

We offer technical and non-technical support services for all Salesforce® technology. Services are sold per 100 Block of Hours with reduced rates contingent on hours purchased. Our lowest rates are attained when utilizing our full-time, dedicated resource(s).

Salesforce® BOH support:

  • Programming (Technical) Support
  • Non-Programming (Functional) Support
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Bug Fixes & Troubleshooting
  • Migration & Updates
  • Application Support

Custom Salesforce Development: FAQs

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that helps businesses manage and analyze customer interactions and data. It offers tools for sales management, customer service, marketing automation, and analytics, enhancing customer satisfaction, sales, and marketing strategies. Known for its flexibility and scalability, Salesforce also boasts a vast ecosystem of integrations and applications.

Custom Salesforce development offers tailored solutions that fit unique business processes, enhances operational efficiency through automation, provides scalability for long-term utility, and allows seamless integration with other business systems for a unified operational platform.

Standard Salesforce implementation uses the platform's built-in features, suitable for general purposes. Custom development, however, tailors the platform with custom coding and personalized applications to meet specific business needs, ranging from new user interfaces to bespoke workflows and reports.

Custom development can address challenges like integrating Salesforce with other systems and databases, automating complex business processes, catering to industry-specific needs, and enhancing the user interface for improved usability and efficiency.

Salesforce Premier Support offers 24/7 monitoring and prompt response times to help inquiries, ensuring immediate solutions and strategies to maintain optimal Salesforce performance with no system downtime.

Apex, a Java-like language, is used for back-end development, while Visualforce is for custom page layouts. Lightning Web Components (LWC) create responsive user interfaces. Other tools include Salesforce APIs for integration, SOQL for database querying, and development environments like Salesforce DX.

Integrating AI in Unity games enhances gameplay by introducing intelligent behaviors, dynamic environments, and realistic character interactions. AI can be used for NPC decision-making, procedural content generation, and adaptive difficulty levels. AI integration leads to more engaging and lifelike gaming experiences, with characters and environments that react and adapt in real-time to player actions.

Unity is highly capable of developing metaverse and virtual world applications. Its robust 3D rendering capabilities, support for immersive AR/VR experiences, and scalable architecture make it well-suited for creating expansive and interactive virtual worlds. Unity's ability to handle complex simulations and integrate with various technologies allows developers to build detailed and engaging metaverse environments.

Yes, custom Salesforce applications can be integrated with a wide range of business systems, including ERP, marketing automation tools, financial software, and more. This integration is facilitated through Salesforce APIs and middleware solutions, allowing for data synchronization and providing a unified view of operations across different platforms.

Salesforce provides scalable solutions to exceed your business strategy goals. It’s easily integrated by software experts with existing platforms, with no costly workflow disruption.


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