copacabana05Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world extending from the world’s largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon Basin to the pampas at the south, is one of the most exotic travel destination in the world.My friend who migrated from Brazil and is currently working as Escondido Exterminator told me that other than the famous coastline, Brazil have a lot to serve to the visitor which includes the amazing wildlife, waterfalls, mountains and landscapes.

The Brazilian culture have its influence from Potpourri to Portugal settlements. Portugese the is the local Brazilian language with English still being under-spoken.

If you are visiting Brazil, the holiday will begin from the Rio de Janeiro which possesses one of the world’s magnificent urban landscapes surrounded by mountain, jungle and sea. Variety of flora and fauna can be spotted in the Amazon region and its namesake river, which is surely an attraction of the wildlife lovers. No to forget the world’s largest wetland called the Pantanal is also situated in Brazil, where nature is at its best, generating diverse work opportunity for photographers.

Brazil is also known or its colonial villages namely, Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, Paraty, Olinda and beautiful parks. The cuisine in this country is inspired from various cultures including African, German and Italian. Brazil was also the destination of the summer Olympic games 2016 and FIFA world cup 2014. It is said that there are 14 more upcoming Olympic venues under construction and many more infrastructures have been already planned. These big events venues are also a pleasure to be visited.

When it comes to cost and expenses, Brazil was expensive in early years of 2000 era. However, sixteen years later because of fast economic collapses and mismanagement of government policies, the cost has fallen. The regular burger that use to once cost US $20 have come down to US $7 now and therefore, opened doors for travellers all around the world.

Traveling around Brazil is convenient as it is a country with a huge air and bus network. The various Brazilian airlines, operating both domestically and internationally includes Latam, Gol, Lan and Tam, Azul, Avianca, etc. Citizens of Australia, Canada, Japan and United States are privileged with visa free visit to Brazil. Road travel is dominated by the bus travel in buses. The fare rates are nominal for around R$10 to R$12 for an hour and the payments can also be made through PayPal.

When it comes to health and safety, Malaria is a bit of concern in the areas of northwest brazil and Amazon area. Dengue fever is also one of the major concern for the travellers visiting Brazil.  There were also several cases of Zika virus emerging from the country in year 2015. The media has been continuously being alarming about the high criminal offence rate and violence in Brazil.

Every country has its attractions and flaws, little research, local knowledge, precautions and safety measures can ensure safety while travelling. Brazil is naturally blessed country and is in the list of must visit nations.